Terms & Conditions

You are allowed to use the fields more or less as you wish this includes bringing your personal dog trainer or behaviourist along to your session however there are a few basic rules that must be followed to keep use of the fields a pleasant experience for all users, failure to do so may result in future bookings being blocked.


1. Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your appointment start time, if the previous customer is still in the field park out of the way, DO NOT get out of the car, give them time to leave.

2. A maximum of 2 cars are allowed per appointment.

3. Park within the enclosed field, ensure gate is closed before letting dogs out of car.

4. If walking in please keep dogs on leads until within the enclosed field and gate is closed behind you as there are farm animals and wildlife nearby.

5. After your 50 minutes of field hire start to gather your belongings, tidy up and take with you any rubbish/mess that you may have dropped, get the dogs in the car and vacate the field so that the next customer can get prompt access to the field for their appointment.


1. Only dogs from the same household or that are already friends can use the same field at the same time to minimise barking.

2. A maximum ratio of 3 dogs to 1 adult is allowed up to a total of 6 dogs per appointment (so if you’re bringing 4, 5 or 6 dogs there must be at least 2 adults present).

3. Do not let your dog dig holes in the fields for health & safety reasons, if they do, a bucket of soil is provided for you to fill them in.

4. You must watch your dogs carefully at all times and ensure that you pickup any poo that they do.

5. Please take any rubbish home with you such as coffee cups, cans, bottles of water as the poo bin isn’t that big.

6. DO NOT drop cigarette butts on the ground as some dogs will eat them.

7. Please use common sense and act with consideration for other members.


1. Children are welcome however they must be accompanied with a responsible adult at all times.

2. Please don’t climb on fences, gates or equipment.

3. Use of the fields is done so at your own risk, if you decide to bring a dog that has not been fully vaccinated that is your choice, we do not ask for proof of vaccinations and therefore cannot guarantee that all dogs exercised in the field have been fully vaccinated or wormed. Equally the same applies for natural issues such as ticks and grass seeds.

4. If your dog has been unwell in the last 48hrs please do not bring them to the field.

5. In winter the fields will get wet, muddy and may be covered in ice/snow, in peak summer they may be hot, please take care and amend bookings accordingly.

6. Please note there are no toilets available on site.


1. You may reschedule your booking up to 2 hours prior to your appointment.

2. Refunds are not possible however you can reschedule appointments to another time slot that suits.

3. You can reschedule to another time with the same field yourself, if you need to reschedule to the other field please get in touch through Facebook messenger, email or text and we can make the change for you.


Use of the field is entirely at your own risk. The management does not accept liability for the death of or any injury of any person or dog, or for damage to any property. The management also accepts no liability for any losses, claims, actions, damages, costs, expenses or other liability incurred whilst onsite. Yours and your dogs’ behaviour and actions are your sole responsibility and no claim can be made against the management.

You are liable for any damage caused inside and outside of the field by you, your dog(s) or any person in your party. All dogs must be covered under their own third party insurance (public liability insurance). This is usually included in your pet insurance.

We are located on a working farm and therefore may not be suitable for all dogs due to the proximity of livestock, sounds of neighbouring farm dogs, machinery, gun shots and bird scarers. Please assess the suitability for your own dog.


From time to time it may be necessary for us to send emails explaining important messages and notices. By agreeing to these terms and conditions you agree to being added to our mailing list.