Welcome to Paws Play!

*Due to the risk of kennel cough being spread through sharing water bowls we recommend you bring and use your own bowl.

secure dog field
Lola checking out the field!

OPENING THURSDAY 16th JULY 2020 – Paws Play private hire dog walking fields just half a mile east from the village of Sedgefield in County Durham that you can hire for exclusive use 50 minutes at a time allowing your dog to run, play and explore completely off the lead. By booking you agree to our site rules that can be found here.

The dog walking fields can be accessed by a 20 minute walk along a car free lane from the village or by car, parking within the enclosed field in the designated area. Located on a small family farm in County Durham, 3 miles west of Wynyard, the paddocks are perfectly situated to serve dog owners of the surrounding areas.

The fields are ideal for exercising and training dogs as well as providing a safe place for dogs recovering from injury or treatment or for nervous dogs who just like their own space. Also great to use with puppies or rescue dogs that need work on training and gaining bonds without the fear of losing them or even the stubborn older dog that has it’s own agenda! The agility equipment included in each paddock allows for extra mental stimulus, exercise and ensures neither dog or owner will be bored while at the same time building confidence and bond between owner and dog.

Bring the whole family, have a picnic, children must be accompanied with a responsible adult at all times (please don’t let them climb on the agility equipment, fences or gate). We allow 1 adult to bring up to three dogs or if there are 2 or more adults up to a maximum of six dogs can be exercised in any one paddock at a time – but please no more than 2 cars with any booking. Price is £8 for up to 3 dogs, 50 minutes exclusive use, £1 per additional dog after that up to a total maximum of 6 dogs. Booking is best done online by clicking this link.